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How to Support Impact Sports

Impact Sports is a faith-based ministry that completely relies on the financial support of individuals, churches, and businesses. We like to call you "Investors" because that's exactly what you do - invest in Kingdom work. Your financial gifts are not simply a way to ensure that we may function and accomplish what God has called us to, but more importantly, it is a way for you to invest and take part in what God is doing around the world.


The 1:5 Club is made up of partners willing to give at least $100/month or $1200/annually. Membership will include a monthly “behind the scenes” look at our work that we cannot share publicly for security reasons as well as a quarterly gift.

Our BAM Partners (Business as Missions) are those businesses that have chosen to partner with Impact Sports to help provide ongoing support for the work that God has called us to. By committing to $100/month of support, our BAM Partners are helping to free us up from the burden of fundraising and allowing us to focus our time and energy on frontline ministry. We are very grateful for their support.

Church partners are an important part of what we do...

The Team is made up of those willing to give at least $1/day to help us Impact the world with the Gospel.  Consistent/committed giving helps us budget and plan better.  You can give $365 all at one time, you can sign up to give monthly, or you could Venmo us $7/week, it’s completely up to you.

You can Sponsor an Episode for $100! You will send us 3-4 bullet points, ways for our listeners to find you, and our host or one of our guests will read a commercial for an episode.


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