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The Need

There are 7,382 unreached people groups, which represents about 3.4 billion people. Among these unreached people groups, less than 2 percent of their population is Christian, and Gospel access is limited or nonexistent. In most of the places we work, there are geographical, cultural, and political barriers to sharing the Gospel.

“We talk of the Second Coming; half the world has never heard of the first.” Oswald J. Smith, missions mobilizer


The Vehicle

Our mission is to use sports as a vehicle to take the Gospel to the hard-to-reach, the lost, and the forgotten. 

We serve around the world, in prisons in the southeastern United States, and in our local community. 


The Change

We want to see people come to know Christ as their Personal Savior both locally and around the world and to see Christians grow in their walk with the Lord by equipping them to share their faith through sports.  



Impacted by the Gospel

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