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Impact Sports - Middle East Summer - 2023

First, thank you so much for your willingness to contribute to this trip and the spreading of the Gospel. Second, each individual participating on a mission trip with Impact Sports is responsible for raising the total cost of his/her trip. Any funds donated may be considered tax-deductible as long as they meet the following


  • Donations must be made payable to Impact Sports rather than an individual. [IRS regulations state that contributions must be made to a qualified organization and not set aside for use by a specific person.]

  • Donors may, however, indicate their preference of an individual (trip participant) to receive the benefit of their donation. (Please do not write the individual trip participant’s name on your check, if you send a check instead of giving online.)

  • Donations are given to support the overall ministry of Impact Sports and are non-refundable.​

  • If you have any questions please reach out to Impact Sports at

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